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We are still alive, but Amia still can't get online and I'm will...
I'm playing final fantasy Tactics A2 and working on stories.
I'm trying to get back into posting on forums but... Luso gets wanting to know more
doesn't help the fact Vann from FF12 joins the team.. and I get to kill him.
Yes, I hate Vann. -hugs onto Cloud-
So I'm sorry if you check this site and see nothing new.
Since we are still new and don't have any members who post
It will be a long while before anything changes.
-sighs- With that said, I'm going to go work on this original story.
I popped online just to tell you all about Salya and my new project.
I posted the link to it on the board under Amia's sites.
So go check it out.
About this forum

This is the forum that links Amia aka Desert Princess and My sites.
Who am I? I'm Salya. I'm the main admin of this forum. I have 6 sites on weebly as Amia has only 2 right now. Sadly her other site, Butterfly ink isn't up yet.
Anyways, This forum is for Amia and I to talk to others with the same interests. People who like to write, draw, make graphics and role-play.
Also this is a place for us to have fun when we are not working on other things.

Just so you all know, Amia is a writer with little exp at graphics. She's learning on how to make banners. She also role-plays.
As I'm a drawer, fanfic writer with small exp at original stories, a role-player and I can make different graphics. Icons, wallpapers, banners, etc. I got a site called Flora Designs for my graphics, but I will post some banners for you all. ^_^

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 |DMC Character Sheet: Lexia Hunt|

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|DMC Character Sheet: Lexia Hunt| Empty
PostSubject: |DMC Character Sheet: Lexia Hunt|   |DMC Character Sheet: Lexia Hunt| Icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 2:52 pm

Name: Lexia Hunt

Age: 24

Ailment: Mute

Species: Human

Love Interest: Vergil

Weapon(s): ---

Appearance: CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE - |DMC Character Sheet: Lexia Hunt| Th_Lexia(I'm thinking of re-vamping Lexia's appearance, so this image may change.)

Personality: Lexia is a modest, shy young woman who grew up living a sheltered and rather safe life. She's a cowardly type, unable to bring herself to take chances she feels she might regret later. Likewise, she worries constantly for the safety of those she cares about.

Lexia wasn't very social throughout her life and as such, has a deep interest for books, music, and anything that generally does not involve interacting with too many people.

She is self conscious of those who may or may not like her. Lexia feels if a conversation doesn't carry on too long between herself and another person, that they have no interest in her. She is often times at a loss on what to say to people or how to convey that she can not speak normally.

The fact that she is mute often times leaves her in an awkward position. She can't simply go up to someone and ask for something. Instead, she has to convey her words through a notepad. As such, some don't seem to understand her at first until she admits to being mute.

Lexia doesn't care to admit it but she doesn't like to be seen as weak or helpless knowing fully well that she is.

History: Because of her ailment, Lexia has suffered indifference toward people. Throughout her life, she's found it hard to trust people simply due to the fact that some had used her ailment to their advantage. She can't scream, so no one can hear when she's in trouble. Those who attempted to show they had power over her would do so entirely.

In the past, she had a friend throughout her school life that had stood up for her and watched out for her. She was a voice for Lexia. While there were times she disliked this kind of thing, she greatly appreciated the fact that someone would keep an eye out for her.

Her friend left once she had graduated high school to become a demon hunter. Years have passed and Lexia had not heard from her friend. Believing that she never would, she simply goes about her daily life, simply trying to make a living.

She has been noticing things, however; feeling as if she's been followed on several occasions. Lexia cannot shake the feeling and it's left her on edge. Until she can figure out who or what has been keeping a close eye on her, she remains silent, as always, waiting to see what will happen next.



1. Please give me a character sheet before we start rping. It helps me understand your characters motives and gives others something to work with rather than just running in blind and hoping that everyone will agree with your character.

2. I like darker and more realistic rps, so if I tend to turn toward a more dark theme, don't be alarmed. Darker story lines can be very interesting.

3. I rp in paragraph format and third person. I like detail that I can follow. Please, no one liners.

4. Please show me respect and I will do the same to you.

5. You play my love interest and I will play yours.

6. Keep in mind that I do work, thus, I might not be able to respond right away. Weekends are completely free, however.
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|DMC Character Sheet: Lexia Hunt|
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