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We are still alive, but Amia still can't get online and I'm will...
I'm playing final fantasy Tactics A2 and working on stories.
I'm trying to get back into posting on forums but... Luso gets wanting to know more
doesn't help the fact Vann from FF12 joins the team.. and I get to kill him.
Yes, I hate Vann. -hugs onto Cloud-
So I'm sorry if you check this site and see nothing new.
Since we are still new and don't have any members who post
It will be a long while before anything changes.
-sighs- With that said, I'm going to go work on this original story.
I popped online just to tell you all about Salya and my new project.
I posted the link to it on the board under Amia's sites.
So go check it out.
About this forum

This is the forum that links Amia aka Desert Princess and My sites.
Who am I? I'm Salya. I'm the main admin of this forum. I have 6 sites on weebly as Amia has only 2 right now. Sadly her other site, Butterfly ink isn't up yet.
Anyways, This forum is for Amia and I to talk to others with the same interests. People who like to write, draw, make graphics and role-play.
Also this is a place for us to have fun when we are not working on other things.

Just so you all know, Amia is a writer with little exp at graphics. She's learning on how to make banners. She also role-plays.
As I'm a drawer, fanfic writer with small exp at original stories, a role-player and I can make different graphics. Icons, wallpapers, banners, etc. I got a site called Flora Designs for my graphics, but I will post some banners for you all. ^_^

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 PKMN Character Sheet: Shia Taylor

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PKMN Character Sheet: Shia Taylor Empty
PostSubject: PKMN Character Sheet: Shia Taylor   PKMN Character Sheet: Shia Taylor Icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 2:56 pm

Name: Shia Taylor
Age: 23
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Hails from: Unova
Specializes in: Various
Ailment: Blind
Love Interest: N

Appearance: PKMN Character Sheet: Shia Taylor Th_SDC11123

Personality: Shia is a rather cheerful, lax person despite her blindness. She has learned to live with her ailment easily and tries to remain optimistic in her life. She wishes others to feel the same way.

While she does remain rather cheerful and brush problems off easily, this does not mean she isn't vulnerable. At times, some things can hit her harder emotionally and she has to take the time to think them through or deal with them. These problems don't normally last too long with her, recovering and getting on her feet again.

Shia has a deep fear of water and water type Pokemon. Due to her blindness, she doesn't know how to respond to deep waters. She has never learned how to swim and doesn't plan on doing so anytime soon. As such, she prefers to keep away from water and water types as much as she can.

Shia only wants to be seen as an equal - not viewed for her blindness. She wants others to see her for her and treat her like anyone else would. As such, she can easily become offended toward those who point out her blindness off the bat or attempt to treat her too carefully because of it.

Hisory: Born blind, Shia had to learn how to live her life a little different from that of normal children. It took her a long time adjusting and for a time, she remained broody over her ailment. She didn't care to be left out or left behind. It was hard for her to keep up with other kids.

When the option of other kids getting their first Pokemon and starting a journey on their own, Shia wanted to join them. She was thought unfit to do so however. Stubbornly, Shia didn't accept this and went off on her own to find a Pokemon for herself.

This was how she met her partner - Mienshao. As a Mienfoo, she had been hurt and abandoned in the woods. Shia had gotten lost, unable to find her way back home. The two had helped each other and, with a little time and healing, learned to trust each other.

Mienshao is Shia's sight and guides her most on their journey.

Pokemon Team:

Mienshao: Female; Nickname Trinity; Hardy Nature
Cofagrigus: Male; Nickname Zion; Quirky Nature
Cinccino: Female; Nickname Nadia; Jolly Nature
Mandibuzz: Female; Nickname Lucia; Lax Nature
Stoutland: Male; Nickname Silas; Relaxed Nature
Musharna: Female; Nickname Harmany; Quirky Nature
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PKMN Character Sheet: Shia Taylor
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