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We are still alive, but Amia still can't get online and I'm will...
I'm playing final fantasy Tactics A2 and working on stories.
I'm trying to get back into posting on forums but... Luso gets wanting to know more
doesn't help the fact Vann from FF12 joins the team.. and I get to kill him.
Yes, I hate Vann. -hugs onto Cloud-
So I'm sorry if you check this site and see nothing new.
Since we are still new and don't have any members who post
It will be a long while before anything changes.
-sighs- With that said, I'm going to go work on this original story.
I popped online just to tell you all about Salya and my new project.
I posted the link to it on the board under Amia's sites.
So go check it out.
About this forum

This is the forum that links Amia aka Desert Princess and My sites.
Who am I? I'm Salya. I'm the main admin of this forum. I have 6 sites on weebly as Amia has only 2 right now. Sadly her other site, Butterfly ink isn't up yet.
Anyways, This forum is for Amia and I to talk to others with the same interests. People who like to write, draw, make graphics and role-play.
Also this is a place for us to have fun when we are not working on other things.

Just so you all know, Amia is a writer with little exp at graphics. She's learning on how to make banners. She also role-plays.
As I'm a drawer, fanfic writer with small exp at original stories, a role-player and I can make different graphics. Icons, wallpapers, banners, etc. I got a site called Flora Designs for my graphics, but I will post some banners for you all. ^_^

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 Kingdom Hearts Character Sheet: Zena [W.I.P]

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PostSubject: Kingdom Hearts Character Sheet: Zena [W.I.P]   Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:56 pm

Name: Zena

Age: 21

Home World: Twilight Town


Personality: Zena is a typically a quiet and thoughtful young woman. She prefers quiet atmospheres and is often spending time on her own. She loved to learn and to read. Zena thinks highly of her knowledge, finding most of her pride in the fact that she knows things typically not known by others. Naturally curious, she often gets into situations she might not be ready to handle.

Zena hated violence and fighting. She is often a person who would rather talk things out before jumping into any combat. Often times, she grows annoyed with people who jump to violence over any other answer, whether it be necessary or not.

When trouble or in a state of inward panic, Zena often uses sarcasm and humor to keep herself calm. She'll jokingly berate another person or attempt to prod them into joking with her, just so she doesn't panic.

Despite outward appearances, Zena is actually very soft. She only puts on a brave face when she has to. When away from a person that she doesn't have to act so brave in front of, her true colors show and she quickly can become troubled.

History: Coming soon

Weapon: Shepherds Staff

Excels in: Magic and Spell casting

Weakest in: Physical Combat

Love Interest: Axel
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Kingdom Hearts Character Sheet: Zena [W.I.P]
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